Crazy Chef


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Dear Gamers, It is with an overwhelming feeling that Escape Games Beirut is closing due to the economical crisis and the required social distancing. We hope that Lebanon will rise again so we can come back with new exciting rooms, mind blowing clues and challenging games! Until we lock you up again, stay safe! If you want to reach out, please contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.
Crazy Chef Escape Games Beirut
Crazy Chef Escape Games Beirut

There is a crazy old lady who has a strong poison she adds to her delicious recipes and kills people. You are a group of detectives and your mission is to go in the Crazy Chef’s kitchen, find the poison and bring it back to your superiors. Can you accomplish your mission while she went out for groceries?

Time to Beat 
Game time 
Difficulty Level 
Payment Method 

cash only

Team ofPrice Per Person
530 000LBP
438 000LBP
345 000LBP
253 000LBP